Today, I am thankful for information.  I am thankful that my culture promotes learning and making information accessible, even though I feel that my country could do a better job of it by taking measures to make higher education more affordable.  When learning is restricted to the select few, it creates a caste system with power vested in the educated.  I am thankful, however, that elementary and secondary education is free where I live.

I am grateful that I live in a country where there are laws that protect me from being prosecuted or punished because I sought to learn.  I hold gratitude for living in a country where there are laws that limit the control my government has in restricting my access to information.

I am also grateful that the accessibility of the internet has made that information available at my fingertips.  Whenever the power goes out at my house, I can deal with most of the associated inconveniences, but what I find myself suffering from the most is the inability to look up answers to some of the thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of questions that pop into my head each day.  I am disclosing my age here, as several people reading this no doubt remember a time when one had to go to the library to look up anything but, having grown up with the internet, it is easy for me to take it for granted.  I love the accessibility of information because it makes learning so much easier, and I believe that learning is the most important thing we can do in life.  If I decide I’d like to learn more about the French Revolution, I can sift through thousands of resources on the subject in my pajamas.  If I had to get up and go to the library, I might be less likely to bother.

(I realize I am unintentionally making a statement here that I am thankful for the accessibility of information because I am lazy. I acknowledge that this departs a bit from the overall “positive” or “inspirational” tone I am trying to achieve through this blog, but there is no sense denying reality! 🙂 ).