Today, I am thankful for that place.

Bear with me here while I try to unravel an explanation.  You know that place?  The place that feels as if it was created just for you.  The place where the sun always shines a bit brighter, where the breeze is always a little more fragrant, where the food always tastes better.  The place that has everything you love in life.

For me, that place is Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Theatre, gourmet foods, nutrient-rich agricultural soil and close-to-ideal climate for growing the grapes that make delicious the wine I drink and the Niagara peaches I relish.  Have you ever had a perfectly ripe peach, whether it be from Niagara or Georgia or anywhere else?  Sinking your teeth into the soft flesh and feeling the juices burst into your mouth and run down your chin… it’s one of life’s rare, sublime experiences.

I just went to that place with someone very special to me, and within moments, I could feel my shoulders descending from somewhere around my ears and ending where they’re supposed to rest.  I am thankful that those places exist: refuges in a world of turmoil.

That place is different for everyone.  For one person, it might be a monster truck rally; for another, the home of a friend or family member where you feel safe; for yet another, a special place in the woods… like Winnie the Pooh’s Thoughtful Spot.  And it’s possible to have more than one place, of course.  All that is needed to make it your place is that it rejuvenates you and, for a little while, everything feels right with the world.

Wherever it is for you — whoever you are — make plans to go there soon.

Please comment below and tell me where your place is.