Yesterday, I was thankful for rain, so it seems only appropriate that, today, I am thankful for sun.

It is a little inconsistent with the theme of this blog for me to be thankful for something so universal. My posts have thus far registered my gratitude for things that I am lucky enough to have but shouldn’t take for granted because they are not givens: not everyone has the benefit of them, or they could be torn away from me at any moment.  But the sun?  It shines in even the most desolate parts of our planet.  Yes, I could be thankful for every day that the sun continues to be visible, because there are certainly a few things which could keep sunlight from getting through: nuclear explosions, meteors hitting the planet and sending a cloud of dust into the air, etc.  But I don’t want to get too morbid.

No matter how commonplace it might be, I nevertheless feel gratitude for the sun every time it rises and sets, filling the sky with impossible colours; every time I drive down a country road and am startled by how golden the wheat fields look under the sun’s rays; every time the sun glistens across calm waters; every time grim winter yields to verdant spring.

I am grateful for the relaxation I feel after a day in the sun; for the contentment I extract from listening to the laughter of my children running through the sprinkler to cool off when the summer heat hangs in the air; for the happiness I derive from waking to the sound of birds singing outside my window, welcoming the inception of a new day and new possibilities, while the sun plays hide-and-seek with the breeze-ruffled curtains.

With the longer days of summer, I always feel a sense of timelessness and eternity, as if there is no end to what I can accomplish today, no limit to the range of good things that can happen.

What are your happiest memories of time spent in the sun?  Please share them with me in the comments below.