Today, I am thankful for perspective, whenever it graciously visits me (which is not as often as I would like).

This past winter, my vehicle died on a day filled with blizzards (not the icecream kind, sadly) and back-to-back meetings. For a moment, I felt very angry and annoyed that my luck would be so terrible as to have this happen on the worst and busiest of all possible days.

But then I remembered that Sandra had the day off, that my house was just around the corner, and that I could use Sandra’s car for the rest of the day because, even though she usually spends her days off doing errands, she had no errands to complete that day.  It became apparent that fortune was all around me and, rather than be angry about my car dying on the worst of all days, I could choose to be grateful that it happened on a day when an alternative was available to me.  Or, to state it differently, I could not change the situation, but I could change my perspective of the situation.

Things like that happen all the time and I will try my best to notice them more.