Today, I am thankful for sand castles. Figuratively speaking, at least.

My family and I spent the day at the beach, swimming, having water gun fights, digging holes in the sand and, yes, building sand castles.  I looked upon the product of about an hour or more of labour and felt the futility of it all: inevitably, it would be washed away or trampled.

But then it occurred to me that there is something beautiful in the brevity of good things.  If, every so often, one buys the cheapest imitation maple syrup available, real maple syrup will always taste amazing.  When good things come to an end, we are more apt to appreciate them. And this is why I am seeking to be thankful for the good things that surround me each day, because it is too easy to forget them if they never end.

So today I am thankful for ephemeral good things. In other words: sand castles.